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              -2000:   Magister in Plastic Arts, sculpting section, University of  Damascus.

             -2002:    High studies in sculpting, University of Damascus.


                                  MAIN ARTISTICS WORKS 

               -1995:    Assistant of Doctor Abdallah Saied in his sculpting atelier, Damascus.  

              -1996-2000: Assistant of Doctor Nazih al-Hajari, Damascus. 

              -1997-2003: Private teacher for drawing and sculpting.

              -1998,2000, 2002 and 2003:  Exhibitions of Young artists, Damascus. 

              -1998:      1st painting and sculpting Symposium of Aleppo. 

              -1999:      Exhibition for Saadallah Ouanouss, syrian theatre writer at French Institute for Arabic Studies.

                                Monumental sculpture for Square Babila District.     

              -2001:     Workshop "shadow and light theatre", french cultural center, Damascus. 

              -2002:    Training "shadow and light theatre" at "To be together" school, Damascus.

                               Monumental sculpture for Palestine, Damascus.

                               Symposium of Quneitra.

                               Exhibitions in memory of October War in Damascus. 

               -2003:  Arch and Monumental Gate at Monastery of Mar Musa, VIth century.     

                              Symposium of Damascus Fairground.

                              Biennale of International Mahabe Festival, Lattakieh. 

               -2004: Exhibition at Old City of Damascus.

                             Calligraphy in colored ciments.

                             "The oriental" , relief.

                             Wall painting, interior design. 

                -2005: Bronze workshops

                              Exhibition at Building Professional workshop, Damas. 

                -2006: International Symposium of Gwalior, India.

                              Monumental sculpture, Jaipur, India.

                              Exhibition "un jardin, un artiste", Mauves sur Loire, France. 

                 -2007: Artists Residency, Gwalior, India.  

                 -2008: « one artist, one garden », exhibition in Mauves, France. 

                                International contemporary holy art Biennal, Bugey, France.

                                Bronze workshop. 

                  -2009: Artist Residency, India

                                Spring exhibition, Bressuire, France

                                Exhibition La Cantrie, France

                                Automn exhibition, Guérande, France

                                Biennale of Nantes

                                Silicon moulding at artistic center, Moulin gautron, Vertou, France

                                Bronze workshop 

                   -2010: Salon d'art, la Haye Fouassière

                                 Salon d'art, Les sorinières

                                 L'art prend l'air

                                 Montmartre at Clisson, second prize sculpture

                                 Versailles Island, Nantes

                    -2011:  Abelard & Heloise, public order

                    -2012:  1st price sculpture, Sucé/Erdre exhibition

                                  1st price modeling, Montmartre à Clisson

                                  Performance at JC Lambert workshop

                                  Marianne, monumental sculpture, Montjean/Loire

                                  The water, private order

                     -2013: Exhibition, Talents vendéens, Challans

                                  Modeling courses, exhibition & demonstration at Historial de Vendée

                    -2014   Monumental marionette "Praying Mantis" with la Salamandre Company

                   -2015    Artist Residency, Bréville, France, monumental sculpture

                                  Symposium of Oudon, France, monumental sculpture

                                  Guest of honor, Nort sur Erdre exhibition, France