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Syl's path (english)



   1996-97          Licence of Philosophy, University of Nantes, France.

   1999               CAP stone carving, Fédération Compagnonique des Métiers du Bâtiment

   2006               Bronze casting and creation of a casting workshop



   * 1999 till 2004 creation from syriac patterns at historical Monastery of Mar Musa al-habashi, VIth century (Syria)

   *2003 till 2006 “The Trees” monumental sculptures in Syria, India, Japan and France

   *2002 "Portraits of silence" portraits of pilgrims at Pashupatinath temple during one month silence with Sadhus, Nepal 

   *2007 Artists Residency #1 in Gwalior, India: monumental sculptures and interior designs

   *2009 Artist Residency in Gwalior #2: monumental installations

   *2009-2010 double Exhibition: “Indian inhabitations” in France and “European inhabitations” in India

   *2014 Sculpture for al Asmakh collection 



   -Symposium of sculpture 2003 of Oudon, stone

   -Symposium of sculpture 2004 of La Bresse, sand stone

   -Symposium of sculpture 2004 of Menet, marble

   -Symposium of sculpture 2004 of Oudon, stone

   -Symposium of sculpture 2006 of Gwalior, India, marble

   -Private order, 5m

   -2011 Abelard & Heloise, bronze, 2m30

   -2012 "the botanists", bronze, Angers



   *2003-2004    Oudon railwaystation, France

   *2005              International friendship exhibition, Japan

                            La Tannerie, France

                           “6 artists, 6 places”, France

                            Nueil-les-aubiers gardens, France

                           « Where is she ? » exhibition in Nantes, France

  *2006              “one artist, one garden” Mauves, France

                           Gardens of la Génétouze, France

   *2007              L’Atelier, Vertou, France

   *2008              La Chapelle des marais, France

                           Tour Saint Aubin, Angers, France

                           International Contemporary Holy Art Biennale, Bugey, France « woman in Holy Texts »

                           La Turballe, France

   *2009             Spring exhibition of sculpture, Bressuire                     

                          10 Gallery, Nantes

                          Installation at Montjean/Loire

                          La Cantrie, St Fiacre/Maine

                          Biennale of Nantes

   *2010            Art session, La Haye Foussière

                         "l'art prend l'air"

                          Versailles Island, Nantes

   *2013            Atelier Legault with Laurie Breda

                         L'art et le vin, duo with french winemakers, Nantes

                         Ar(t)cheval, Horse exhibition, Saumur

                         Equidia exhibition, Paris

                         Biennale of Nantes

   *2014            In Arte Veritas gallery, Clisson

                         Auction, La Baule

                         International riding games, Caen>> PRICE FOR SCULPTURE EXCELLENCY "Equus Ferrus #1"

   *2015          1st Price for sculpture, La Doutre exhibition, Angers



   *Sculpting demonstrations for villages festivals about art and artcrafts

   *1999: Teaching carving with schools

   *2001 till 2004 Workshops  modelling and drawing with children in Syrian desert and France

   *2005 Workshop Arabic Calligraphy with French schools

               Writing and drawing correspondence between French and Syrian schools

               Digital visit of exhibition with blind students

   *Private sculpting lessons.

   * Stone sculpture courses, Historial de Vendée 

   * Energetic sculpting courses